Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wait, Clay Aiken is gay?

In a move that shocked the world until the world realized, "Oh wait, I already knew that," Clay Aiken finally admitted he is gay in a People magazine interview.

Other important headlines in the News That Isn't Really News category:

Rocks are hard.
Dogs have a tendency to say "Woof" while cats are more prone to the phrase, "Meow."
Jaws is a movie about a shark.

Last week Christian singer and performer of schmaltzy anthems Ray Boltz announced he is gay as well. That's right. Apparently September is National Announce You're Gay If You're A Singer Whose Songs Make Me Turn Off The Radio And Your Name Rhymes With "Gay" month.


Mindy said...

Clay Gaykin? who would have EVER imagined? he speaks SO manly;) well- since it IS september i have an announcement as well- i am so gay (as in happy);)

Brad said...

Ray Boltz? I thought only my dad knew who that guy was.