Thursday, March 05, 2009

A Lost Conversation

An excerpt from a series of actual email exchanges:

Ashlea to Stacey, Eddie

did i tell you all my latest theory??

Ben is either:

A. Satan


B. The Anti-Christ


Eddie to Stacey, Ashlea
I propose that, due to excellent writing and storytelling, and the revealing of certain facts we don't know about just yet, by the end of the run of LOST, we will be made to love and empathize with Ben and understand why he does what he does.

Point in case: Juliet.


Stacey to Ashlea, Eddie
just felt like swearing


Ashlea to Stacey, Eddie

Fact: I've never hated anyone as much as I hate Ben.

Fact: By the end my loathing of him will increase to an all-time high when all is revealed that yes, he is the Anti-Christ.

Come on Eddie... be on Jesus' side.


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john allen said...

You know this is only going to open you up to a wealth of comments on everyone else's Lost Theories.

For example:

As of this moment I think Ben is in a Tower of Babel/Iccarus type of situation. He wanted to be a god and will only come crashing to the ground. The Richard Alperts of the world (be the angels, demons or something in between) gave Ben the type of family they always wanted. They ultimately were just using him to eliminate the Dharma Iniative and put up a sense of false community in the years after the Purge, all the while waiting for their next in a line of chosen ones (Locke, Walt, Aaron). Now you got Ben being outcast by Richard and his clan and he will stop at nothing to obtain a god-status. This could ultimately lead to tragic humiliation for Ben at the hands of Richard & Co.