Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Does Ireland Come With Sheets?

You know how you hang out with your friends and talk about all the cool places you want to visit together and how much fun it will be and "Oh man we so have to do that" and you all promise each other you'll do it "one day" and then nothing ever comes of it?

Well, Sarah and I are doing it and I'm crazy excited.

Tonight we leave for Ireland with our good friends, Alyssa and Ashlea, and we couldn't be more excited. We'll be staying in the city of Limerick and plan to spend most of the time exploring the southwestern part of the country while we're there. Our home base will be a villa at the Adare Manor Estate and Ashlea came into my office yesterday asking if they provided bed sheets.

It never occurred to me that they might not, and I almost laughed at the idea. But you know how it is once that seed of doubt gets planted.... You never know. It is another country and we shouldn't just assume they'll have the same amenities they have here in the States. And how bad would it be if we got there and it turned out they didn't.

Luckily, they have a US 800-number and I called and spoke to Mary. I didn't want to come out and just ask if they had bed sheets, so I tried to disguise it by making it seem like a ridiculous "for instance."

"I just wanted to make sure there wasn't something we should bring that we might not think of. You know, like bed sheets."

Mary the operator laughed at me. She didn't just chuckle or giggle or tee-hee. She full on laughed at me.

Next time, Ashlea calls.

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isnessie said...

Haha - I'm the same, have to know all the details. Wow, that's so exciting!! Going to Ireland is one of my dreams as well, the same story, making plans etc. and nothing really happening - but no more! A friend (a reliable one - makes all the difference) and I decided we're going to go next year, for a proper experience. I can't wait! Enjoy your trip :)