Tuesday, March 03, 2009


10:37am. I don't really care what you're doing this very instant.

10:41am. Wow, you're going to the market? I still don't care.

10:44am. Seriously. Are you so egotistical that you think I care you just walked down the hall and saw a bird outside?

10:46am. MMmmmmmmm nope. You're broadcasting news of minutiae and I still don't need care.

10:47am. OK, seriously. Stop it.


Andrea Baca said...

Thank you!!!!!! I have been saying this for weeks. I am on twitter but I hate it! I get so annoyed that people use twitter to sound intelligent because they know quotes. Just because a quote affects you doesn't mean we all have to care!

john allen said...

Amen. Long live the Tao of Ed.