Friday, April 23, 2010

Aunt Emma

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In a previous post, I incorrectly identified my Uncle John as the eldest of thirteen kids. John is the oldest son, but my Aunt Emma trumps The J.

When I think of Emma, the first thing that comes to mind is the fact she loves to dance. Emma has always had a love for music and if there's music playing somewhere, Emma is the first one on the dance floor. Something tells me she's also probably one of the last to leave.

Emma's radio is usually tuned in to the Spanish station and she knows the dance for each song. Emma once tried teaching me the dancing she does and I'm just not coordinated enough. I prefer to just wobble my legs around at random intervals.

I love to make Emma laugh, especially if I know it's something that will really catch her off guard if I say it. Her eyes get really big and then she gets this 'Shame on you' look and always says, "Oh, Eddieeee...." And then she starts laughing. I assume her sons Evvy and Bobby probably know that look - and that laugh - well.

Not only has Emma always been very warm and welcoming (she always asks how my Mom is), she's an amazing cook. When I was living in Indiana and working with my Dad, I would drive over to their place in the morning (Dad and Emma were both living with Grandma at the time to help look after her) and often times we would get a late start out the door because Emma would be up cooking breakfast and she always made enough for "the boys." Emma also makes homemade tamales that are hands-down the best I've ever had, anywhere.

Emma's always got a twinkle in her eye. The twinkle, I believe, is there because she's about to laugh. Or dance.

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Uncle John said...

Emma is the kndest person I know. She has a smile for everyone and can cook up a meal in minutes. She always has a smile and laughs all the time. Her children Jimmy, Danny, Maria, Johnny, Evvy and Bobby are so blessed to have such a mother! Life wasn't always easy for Emma but she overcame hard times without a whimper.
There were so many funny things that happened in our lives but the one that I remember most is when we were in the first grade riding the school bus. We always tried to see who would exit the bus first. I always won because I would force my way to the front seat behind the driver and Emma was too polite to do that. But one day she just happened to slip into the front seat on the door side of the bus. She kept looking as if she wasn't trying to exit first to throw me off guard. She didn't realize the door on that side swings in and as soon as the bus stopped she jumped for the door and the last thing I saw as I was beating her again, is her face and lunch sack flattened agains the glass with a violent thud. I almost peed myself laughing and Emma was so embarrased she never made a try for first off the bus again. I mean you had to be there! I swear her nose and lot of the paper bag were bulging through the space where the doors halves split!
Emma loves everyone and is always willing to help people even when she needs help. All my brothers and sisters are good hearted and willing to help others but no one surpasses Emma's desire to be the first in line and that's a race she will never lose! I Love You Sis!