Saturday, April 17, 2010


If you've been reading my series on the Placencia family, then you may recall my post about Sue, whom I dubbed "the nice one." This blog is about her son Joe, or "What Happens When Nice People Have Kids."

"What happens when nice people have kids?" you may be thinking to yourself.

Well, in Sue's case, they have nice kids.

I'm not just saying that. Joe really is one of the nicest guys you'll ever want to meet. Not only is he kind and compassionate, he's incredibly modest and I love his sense of humor. While most of our family (myself included, probably) are being goofballs and joking around and being loud and crazy, Joe is the quiet one who's off traveling the world and doing amazing in school and not drawing any attention to himself. And then, you look around and it's like, "Joe! Wow! You did that?! Why didn't you say anything?"

But that's not how Joe rolls, and I love that about him.

One of my favorite past-times is watching Joe at family gatherings. I love watching him watch our relatives, especially after someone says something completely wrong or inappropriate. He gets this really fast smirk, almost like a twitch, at the corner of his mouth and I'm dying to know what he's thinking inside. I wonder if it's the same thing I'm thinking, which is usually something completely sarcastic. If he catches me watching him, he throws me this grin that kinda says, "Yep, that was crazy. I can't believe that happened. But I'm not saying a thing."

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Uncle John said...

Yeah, you got that right. Joe is amazing! He has accomplished so much and no one noticed, all of a sudden there is Joe, on top. He is so much like bother parents, Joe sr. and Sue were never loud and unlike me and some others they maintained a quiet life. They were always ther however, and were always willing to help out anyone. Especially Mamacita and Dad.too. I bragg about Joe. How he traveled all over and got his Masters at IU but i didn't realize he had done so many things till afterwards. "Every body loves Joey". Gee Eddie you could have made millions if you had filmed that : ). Great job!