Tuesday, April 06, 2010

National Placencia Month

Tomorrow marks the 26th anniversary of my grandfather's murder. Thinking back on it got me thinking of my family, both immediate and extended, the impact they've had on my life, and the stories they bring to mind. So, starting tomorrow, and every day for the rest of the month at High Noon (EST), I'm going to post a blog about a different family member.

I started thinking about the idea this afternoon during a trip to Costco, and I got excited, planning in my head who I would write about and what I might say.

Uncles John and Arn. Aunts Alice and Sue. Cousins Glen, Jim, and JP. And that's just to name a few. I'll be honest...I'm really anxious to introduce you to some of these yahoos. And you thought TBS welcomed characters. You ain't seen nothing yet.


Avery said...

What a good idea! I'm hoping to learn a thing or two about our crazy family members!

Linda Placencia said...

Awesome. I hope I can find the blog!

eplacencia said...

You found it, Linda! :)