Friday, January 11, 2008

A Fisher of Fishes

Last night I had a dream that, I believe, was full of metaphors and symbolism. Unfortunately, I'm not good at that kind of thing so just a heads up to God that if You're trying to tell me something, I ain't gettin' it. You might try using handwriting on the wall; I'm not one for picking up on subtle hints. But if possible, please use something that is easily removed from the wall, as I want to get back my security deposit.

I've forgotten most of it except the end: In my dream I knocked over a huge 50-gallon aquarium that belonged to my brother and I immediately began scampering around trying to save all the fish. I realize now how stupid it was because for such a huge tank, only holding 7 or 8 tiny fish now seems like overkill.

A few of the fish stopped flopping around and I feared they were dead because they had turned hard and solid like wood chips. However, I put them in a pot I filled with water and after a few seconds they were OK again. So yea, I pretty much saved the day. Although if I hadn't knocked the aquarium over in the first place, we wouldn't have had to worry about it at all.

So that was my weird dream last night. If it was a coded message or warning of some sort, I'm sorry. No comprendo. If a pet store is attacked today or if Mrs. Paul falls into a vat of fish batter I'm sorry I didn't warn you ahead of time. I'm only one man.

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Andrea said...

ok most people say that when you dream of fish someone is pregnant. I'm just saying, that what I've heard.