Saturday, January 05, 2008

Finding "Lost"

Sarah and I have been watching the third season of "Lost" on DVD. I've seen it already; she hasn't. It's been fun watching her react to all of the twists and turns and remembering how I reacted to each revelation as it unfolded. (Unfortunately, she read the recent issue of Entertainment Weekly which featured "Lost" on the cover and, in the first 2 paragraphs, found out some surprises she didn't yet know about. Whoops.)

The best thing about watching Sarah watch "Lost" is the vast array of comments -- many times very contradictory -- she yells at the TV. Observe:

"Save him!"
"Kill him!"
"What a b!"
"Go, Jin! Awesome kick!"
"Come on! You kill people for a living!"
"This show makes my head hurt."
"I'm too tense. I need to stop."
"Wanna watch another one?"
"He's going to die in this one, isn't he?"
"I always wanted to kick like that."
"I don't get why they don't just get along with each other."
"Kill him!!!!!!"


Miss Behaving said...

I have to watch LOST behind the rest of the world too and I hate it when I accidentally stumble on some tidbit of info and I have to pretend to myself I didn't see it.
We here are now at that point with Prison Break too.
With LOST though, do you get the feeling that early on there were unaswered questions and they have never really gone back and addressed them, I wonder if the writers are just hoping with all the 'twists and turns' that we have forgotten?

Allison said...

I don't know Sarah, but I really want to watch TV with her now! I wonder what she would exclaim while watching TLC's What Not to Wear. :-)

Brad said...

I am guilty of this too... especially the lines "Wanna watch another one?" and "Kill him"...but I've also said "Kill her" too...