Thursday, July 31, 2014

P90X3 - Week 5 (Eccentric Lower)

This week's been a tough one for me, mostly in finding motivation. I have been getting up early, eating a little bit, waiting for it to digest, and then doing my workout but this week I've found myself putting it off later and later in the day (For example, I JUST NOW finished today's workout, Lower Eccentric, and it's 6:30pm).
For whatever reason, I just haven't felt like doing it. I know they say it takes 21 days to make something a habit but apparently for me, it's a bit longer.
I have an accountability group I'm in with a couple of guys and they've really helped me push through this week. I felt like if I blew off just one workout, it would be easier to blow off the next and the next and I didn't want to do that to them. I'm super grateful for accountability groups and how they've helped me to keep pushing play.

That being said, I was really dreading today's workout mostly because I hate wall squats (and there hasn't been a Tony Horton workout day that focused on the lower body and DIDN'T have wall squats). Not only did this one NOT have the dreaded exercise, but I actually really enjoyed doing it. It was a really fun workout and usually leg day workouts are my least favorite. I finished the half hour excited and motivated and think I found my second (or twenty-second) wind.

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