Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Night on the Town

Sarah and I were a bit restless tonight, so we hopped in the car and drove around. We started off the night at Maggie Moo's, which is why I spent the rest of the evening with two chocolate blobs on the front of my shirt. From there it was a quick jaunt to Wal-Mart followed by Five Below. After that, we watched a lady driving a van run a red light and almost hit a car. We followed her to Barnes & Noble where we learned that not only is she a bad driver, she's also a bad parker.

You can't tell it from the photo, but the only thing she is good at is leaving a small child in the car while she and her daughter go into the bookstore.

Once we were inside, Sarah and I found a treasure trove of cool things, including a huge magnifying glass...

...and an entire shelf of non-existent encouragement for children.

When we finally arrived home, there were two police cars parked across the street and two officers were talking to  an old man sitting on his front porch and shirtless. When we got out of our car, we realized they weren't talking to the old man. They were taking turns yelling at him.

Bad Cop said, "This is ridiculous, two old men getting into a fight!!"

And then Badder Cop got in the old man's face, pointing a finger at him, and screamed, "We almost killed you when we got here!!!"

I wished we had been there when the police arrived. Sarah immediately turned to me and said, "We can never leave this block."

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Cheila said...

oh MAN! that is classic orange st! How i've missed it so.....sigh....