Thursday, June 10, 2010


The gardeners have been running their leaf-blowers directly outside my office window for the past 3 hours straight. If whatever you're trying to blow away hasn't blown away yet, then why not try picking it up with your hand? In the meantime, thanks for the bold gasoline scent in my office.


themodernmale said...

Hi Ed,

Isn't that just obnoxious? With all the tech available for telecommuting, what is the benefit of going to an office if it isn't an environment that accelerates our productivity, rather than holding it back.


Landis said...

At least you didn't come back from lunch and have a lady screaming bloody murder, while locked in a bathroom that was barricaded by screws and a sign on the door that said 'OUT OF ORDER'!

...we're still trying to figure out how she got in..

eplacencia said...

Wow....Now I can't wait to read your blog today!