Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How Do You Say "Ohhhhhhhhh" In Italian?

You see, people, this is why Craigslist is so amazing. This is an actual post from today:

OK, this is an odd request, but our production company has been given the assignment to replace audio from many foreign adult releases with an English soundtrack. Because of the content, there's very little lipsync required with the emphasis on sounds associated with lovemaking. We limit sessions to 3 hours and payment is made at time of service. If you're a woman 21 years to 60 years old, have a sexy voice, and can feign an orgasm, you're perfect for this part.

I just love the fact  they aren't concerned with you translating the dialogue...it's more about recreating "sounds associated with lovemaking."

Great. And me without my Italian-Grunts-To-English-Moans dictionary.

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