Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Insanity: Day 7

Today was a day of rest, which is good as yesterday toward the middle of the workout I started to develop a shin splint in my left leg. I walked to the local coffee shop this afternoon, which isn't too far, and on the way back it started to re-surface.

This sucks.

Various medical websites tell me I'm probably not going to die, so that's good. The most common cause of shin splints is a sudden increase or intensity in physical fitness.


I'll try to continue tomorrow at a significantly lower rate and see what happens. I really hope this doesn't delay me too much.

The weird thing is, with the Insanity program I'm actually looking forward to the workouts, which is a first for me. On Day 2 I was really looking forward to this day off. Today, though...I kinda miss it.

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TEROCUS said...

That's awesome dude, keep up the good work!!!