Sunday, February 28, 2016

Mug Shots - Heady

Chris Heady and I are a lot alike. 

That's not why I like him but it is probably why we clicked so well and so quickly. Between our love for art, the arts, the Muppets, and Sherlock, there's really no way it could have gone wrong.

I met Chris a couple of years ago while I was working as a digital puppeteer (ask me what that is sometime in's a lot different than what you may have in your head and a lot easier to explain when I can use my hands to gesture) and we hit it off immediately. 

Most people try to give a good first impression when they meet someone (those who don't are either psychotic or Mennonite) so as I've gotten older, my jaded self stays guarded until I know just exactly what kind of person I'm dealing with. 

Chris is one of those guys you meet and immediately exhale a sigh of relief, knowing you've genuinely met one of the good ones. He has a sincere desire to get to know others and when he asks questions of people he's just met, you know it's not a formality. Chris just really loves people. 

And his heart. 

Oh, man, I love this guy's heart. It's huge (and not in a medically dangerous way) and it's great and its loyalty knows no bounds. Chris is generous and caring and just...just a really good guy, ya know?  Case in point: This mug he gave us a couple of weeks ago (actually he gave us two, but at the time I took this picture the other was in the dishwasher). Out of the blue he brought these over for us (filled with candy, by the way!) just to express appreciation of our friendship and Sarah and I were both sincerely touched.

I never take the friends who have been put in my path for granted (or at least I genuinely try not to) and this mug always reminds me that when it comes to the people in my life, especially Chris Heady, we are truly blessed.

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