Monday, February 29, 2016

Mug Shots - Life is Good

Life is good. 

Yes, it is. 

This mug was indirectly given to us by our dear friends John and Lisa Blowers. They brought this gift to a WJTL Staff Christmas party a few years ago for the White Elephant gift exchange and through some fancy footwork, Sarah and I managed to wrangle this for ourselves. 

I can't think of a mug that better encapsulates our feelings about John and Lisa. They've been dear friends of ours for quite a while now, and when you're with them you just...feel really good. Warm, generous, and sincere, they're probably one of the coolest couples you could ever have the good fortune of being around. 

When you're with John and Lisa, time really does fly. The common phrase that seems to be said when we're together is "Oh man, is it that late already?" because conversation with them always comes easy. On more than one occasion we've been hanging out, just talking about life and all of its simple pleasures, and seen day turn into night turn into early morning turn into what-are-we-still-doing-up. 

Like everyone else, John and Lisa have seen their fair share of struggle (to hear more about that, check out my interview with Lisa on the Foot in the Door podcast) yet they always persevere. It isn't easy to stay strong when things look grim, but John and Lisa share a faith that would make Job take notice.

At the end of the day, despite what that day may entail, John and Lisa always get back up on their feet and carry on. Seriously, if you want to be an upstanding citizen in a crazy world, then I highly recommend studying these two. Plain and simple they - just like life - are good.

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