Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Wow, Auburn, That Was Fast

One of the things you have to do when you rent a new apartment is go through the hassle of having the utilities transferred over into your name. (You can't do it over the phone, you have to do it in person, and when they don't have weekend hours or hours past 5pm, it then becomes a hassle.) Because it rained today, we got off work a little early, and I figured I'd walk downtown and get it taken care of while I had the chance.

I got home and lo and behold, my power was turned off. Hm. Weird. Good thing I was heading down to the utility place, ya know? It's about 10 blocks away, give or take a few. It was slightly drizzling but I just came from New York so it was cake.

I got there, filled out the form, paid them my deposit, and she said I was good to go. I asked when the power would get turned back on and she said, "We show it's still on."

I politely informed her that it wasn't. She checked her paperwork and whaddya know, they goofed up. It seems the landlord asked them to turn the power off in the apartment downstairs and they flipped the wrong switch. The lady told me she wasn't sure if they could do it in time, since they were about to close (they close at four??). But then as I explained to her I live in the apartment upstairs and, you know, would like power, she told me she'd make a call.

By the time I got home, about 10 minutes later at most, the power was back on and all was well. I must admit, I was pretty impressed with how fast they made it out. I guess one of the nice things about being back in a small town, eh?

At any rate, I feel like I accomplished a lot in that hour, even though technically I really didn't. I just walked downtown and gave them a check. But I have power back. Whew. And to think I almost got stuck having to do the only thing one can do when there's no power: read. ;)

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