Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Terocus, Terocus, Terocus

Wow, what a weekend it's been. I feel like I've spent the entire time either filming or editing, and that's not stretching the truth much.

Ever since I decided to make my way back to Indiana and revive a corny home movie my brother and I filmed about 15 years ago, I've been in full movie-making mode and loving every bit of it.

Not only has it been a blast hamming it up with Ray, Piper, and Valencia (yes, her name is indeed Valencia Placencia!), I've also been in film editing boot camp. In the month since I've been home, we've filmed four episodes of Terocus (final total running time about 27 minutes) and I'm learning new tricks and shortcuts all the time.

We actually filmed Episodes 3 and 4 this weekend and last night about 3:30am I finished the editing. We're getting ready for the big premiere at the 4th of July festivities today, so swing on by if you get the chance!

Yay for fun!

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