Friday, May 12, 2006

Catch Ed this week in NYC, PA, and on CBS

Three ways to get your fill of Ed this week. Don't say I never gave you options.

1. It's my last weekend performing at the National Comedy Theatre before my move back to Indiana. I'm playing at all four shows this weekend, so come on out and have a laugh (or two). If I remember correctly, I will have just over 80 performances with NCT under my belt after this weekend. Not too bad, seeing as how my first performance with them was at Christmas. 80 shows in 5 months? Sweet.

B. Before I land in Indiana I will be spending a few days in Lancaster PA and will be co-hosting the Get Up and Go Show on WJTL with Lisa Landis Wednesday morning. If you're going to be up from 6 to 9AM, tune in. You can listen here.

4. Finally, the season finale of Without A Trace I worked on a couple of weeks ago is airing Thursday night at 10pm on CBS. I've never ever seen the show, so if you watch it and it turns out to be a lame series, sorry about that. There's a scene where someone shoots a gun and/or pulls a fire alarm at the FBI building. I am one of the evacuating FBI employees (wearing a grey shirt with sleeves rolled up and yellow tie). Depending on which takes they decide to use, I could either be walking right behind Anthony Lapaglia, or you see my back in the distance walking away from the camera. Who knows. Continuity didn't seem to be a major concern for them.

And that's where I'll be this week. Keep an eye on my YouTube site. I'll be adding a couple more videos there in the coming weeks, so stay tuned. They're guaranteed to be as cheesy and as hokey as what's already there.

Talk to you soon!

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