Saturday, May 06, 2006

Pros And Cons

I've moved around a lot in my life (as is evident by the many scribbled out entries under "P" in your address book) but never have I made a harder decision than the one I made this week.

I have a very nice opportunity at a radio station in Indiana and I am returning back to good ol' Dekalb County to pursue my radio chops once again (and there was much weeping and gnashing of teeth).

I haven't kept silent about how much I love New York and the friends I've made here in my blog and that certainly hasn't changed. Each time I leave a place, it's always the people I've met there that make it hard to go. Today, before I officially told anyone about my decision to leave NYC, Cohen from the National Comedy Theatre asked me to hang out with him. We called Jeff, another buddy from the theater to see if he wanted to hang out with us, and then Kevin, yet another NCT-er, called to see what we were doing and the four of us hung out in the Village for a bit. And it was such a cool, cool time. I was just kind of like Wow, thanks guys, for giving me an awesome time and making it even harder to leave.

Not that I'm not excited to make the journey. I'll be back in my home town in Indiana (quite a change from the Big Apple) and again near my friends and family. I am excited to hang out with my brother again. Definitely a highlight. It'll be nice to be nearer to Piper (his wife) and my awesome niece Valencia. And of course, hanging out with Dad again will be a great time. I am envisioning nights of The Great Dalmuti and Euchre. And of course, there are my cousins Glen and Jim and our buddy Kevin, with whom we formed Cousins Productions and would make goofy home movies (what's that? you haven't seen our stuff at YouTube ? And you haven't requested to be my friend so you can see secret videos not available to the general public? Well get going!). So that'll be fun.

But man, I'm gonna miss being at the theater each week and doing shows.

But I'll be able to get some footing financially and start saving some money.

But man, those guys at the theater are a blast to be around.

But I'll be able to see my grandmother on a regular basis, something I don't want to take for granted.

But man, I love my pals in New York.

If you know me, nothing is ever permanent and set in stone. I mean sheesh, since I moved away from Indiana in 1992 I've moved ELEVEN times. So who knows. Never say never, right?

Amy, Chris, Christine, Cohen, Dan, JT, Jacob, Jason, the other Jason, Jeff, Kevin, Magee, Paulie...(I'm forgetting some, I know and I apologize)...I know I'll cross paths with them some time . I just kinda wish I knew when.

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FunnySuperhero said...

they don't play euchre in NYC?