Monday, May 15, 2006

Movin' Right Along

Well, my journey to Indiana is underway.

My good buddy Ethan from Lancaster was able to pick me up yesterday afternoon and bring me back to Pennsylvania (Long story short: Deanna and I only had one car. The car was in her dad's name. I now am without wheels).

It was really good to get to spend some time with Ethan again on the ride home. Originally Ethan was going to bring me to John & Lisa's house, where I will be staying this week until Dad is able to make it out here and drag me the rest of the way back to Indiana. After realizing we wouldn't make it back to Lancaster until late, Ethan was kind enough to let me crash at his place so we wouldn't keep John & Lisa up late.

Ethan and I rolled into town around midnight and then we stayed up with his wife Aubrey talking until 4 in the morning. It was a great time to catch up and reconnect with some friends I very dearly missed. We all woke up today around noon and pitched in to create a mondo breakfast: strawberries, pancakes, omelettes, potatoes; it was great.

Ethan and I arrived here at John and Lisa's around 3:30 or so, unloaded all of my stuff, and it's been great getting to be with the Blowers' and their son Alex again. I am returning to WJTL tomorrow with Lisa and am very eager to see the gang at the radio station again. I'm looking forward to spending time with my PA buddies, many of whom I haven't seen in about 4 years.

I already miss my NY gang terribly but if there's any way to numb the pain of missing friends, it's by spending time with more friends.

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