Tuesday, May 09, 2006

New York friends: STOP BEING COOL

Tonight was yet another great night at the National Comedy Theatre. We had a couple of "preview" shows to kind of give the newbies a feel of running through an actual show and afterwards we all hung out a bit.

And doggonit if I didn't have a blast. I know I should be enjoying this time together but at the same time I find myself hating having fun because I know our time is limited and I don't want even more good times I'll look back on and miss. It's almost like I wish everyone would be a jerk to me so it would be easier to leave. But they're not. They're staying cool.

I know it'll be easier once I'm home and around my family again...Reconnecting with old friends...my brother and I already have some plans for our next video creation (stay tuned to my YouTube site!) so I'll kind of have that distance to help with missing my NYC friends. But right now everyone is still too close.

After we left the theater tonight a couple of people went to hang out at a bar and asked me to join but I declined because I knew I would have fun. I know, that doesn't make sense. I should be loving the fact that I'm having a blast my final week in New York. What kind of weird neurosis is this? I think I became a Jew without realizing it.

Woody Allen, eat your heart out.

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